Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Wonky wonky!

This picture was taken about 4 months post SARPE surgery and although the gap is closing (good times!) as mentioned previously it didn't close attractively (bad times!) something I wasn't very prepared for! This wasn't a particularly good part of the whole journey as I always felt a bit like a witch! know those fake teeth you can buy for Halloween to make you look really ugly! Luckily I had the best family friends and boyf around me who somehow always found a way to make me still feel pretty. Thank you all so much! xx


  1. Hi,
    Where are you now with your treatment?


  2. Wow! I can relate I found someone who had exactly what I had done. I laughed and cryed it was like it was happening to me all over again. I had sarpe and the whole gap thing just like your pictures, you were brave enough to post them. It took a whole year for my gap to close. I went through a major depression after awhile. Now I may have to go for another surgery just when I thought things were going good. Well I wish you all the luck lets just say hopefully it will be worth it in the end for us. What stage are you at by the way?

  3. I'm just beginning my jaw surgery journey aged 22. How did you feel having braces and surgery at this age? I feel a little daunted by the prospect of wearing braces for two years! Enjoying your blog, keep up the brilliant writing xx